As the Covid-19 evolves, technological applications and innovations are gearing up to stop the spread of the disease, treat patients and take the pressure off from healthcare workers. In the meantime various attempts are being made to create Vaccine using the help of technologies.

Artificial intelligence, robots and drones are being developed and deployed to track the disease and enforce preventive measures; Scientists are applying gene editing, synthetic biology and nanotechnologies to prepare and test future vaccines, treatments and diagnostics.

Block chain applications can track and manage insurance payments, and resolve the issues with medical supply chains. 3D printing and open-source technologies seem capable of sustaining the effort of governments and hospitals around the world to meet the increasing need for medical hardware (e.g. facemasks, ventilators and breathing filters) and optimize the supply of the necessary medical equipment.

At the same time, tele-medicine technologies offer an effective means to slow the spread of the virus and to maintain hospital capacity by operating as a possible filter, keeping those with moderate symptoms at home and routing more severe cases to hospitals.

Are you loosing out online branding due to the lack of resources to know how you are doing over the web. Online ignorance of brand can hit you hard and is just as important as your brand offline. As per the current statistics your online brand is more important sometime than the offline branding. With the expansion of web almost anyone is able to comment on a lot (possibly thousands) of websites about your product, service or business in general.Your prospects within seconds can use search engines to find what your clients say about your company without your knowledge.

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BNK’s Global Delivery Model (GDM) ensures the distribution of application and business process lifecycle activities and resources, while ensuring their integration. The key drivers of our Global Delivery Model are:

Processes: Our robust process-orientation allows us to deliver solutions from multiple locations.

Quality: We deliver world-class solutions by maintaining quality across processes, interfaces and outputs, in management, core and support processes.

Tools: We monitor large and complex projects through a combination of indigenous tools.
Knowledge Management: Our Knowledge Management Services help you assess your needs, evaluate technologies and recommend solutions.

Program Management: Our project management processes address key aspects across the project life cycle.

Risk Mitigation: The risk management framework covers risk identification, prioritization and mitigation.

The world is rapidly approaching billions of Internet-connected users, tens of billions of connected consumer electronic devices and hundreds of billions of commercial or industrial connected devices, and with this,new devices are placing demands on enterprises and consumers around the globe. BNK’s Mobility Services delivers the solutions that prepare our clients and their customers to meet the demands and seize the opportunities that mobility presents.

BNK Mobility Consulting provides management and technology consulting services to help our clients develop mobility strategies, mobility business and technology plans, and design mobility solutions to drive additional enterprise and customer value.

Scope of service may include and is not limited to market assessment and sizing, competitive assessments, enterprise mobility planning and design, vertical mobility offering evaluation and design, mobility channel design; employee needs assessment, mobility application architectures/blueprints, mobility technology and device planning.

Do your risk management systems enable collection and analysis of organization-inclusive data to identify suspect trends and activities? Can you easily assemble the information you need to fulfill regulatory requirements?

Develop an integrated Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) strategy that can help reduce costs, protect customers and shareholders, improve decision making and enhance overall efficiency.

BNK offers solutions to help your institution develop a view of how data will be gathered, enhanced, stored, calculated and reported in a controlled and standardized manner across business chains. Improve your institutions’ resilience and go beyond meeting regulatory compliance mandates. Our solutions can help you sense and respond to changes and threats spontaneously. They can help you detect and prevent money laundering, fraud and identity theft.

BNK risk management and compliance solutions are designed to augment enterprise value by:

  1. Maintaining rating and reputation
  2. Lowering cost of capital
  3. Reducing burden and cost of compliance
  4. Improving decision-making and pricing
  5. Enhancing overall efficiency

How BNK Helps:

In order to mitigate risk in the enterprise, management must first be able to measure and monitor it. Robust reporting can aid this effort tremendously, and BNK provides superior reporting functionality. Unlike many reporting solutions that are source-dependent, BNK is data agnostic and can consolidate data from multiple sources, include relational databases, ERP and SAP systems, XML, flat files like Excel or Access, and many more. Once data is aggregated, BNK provides an easy-to-use intuitive interface that allows users to view data from many angles, drilling down to extraordinary detail or pulling back for a summary view. It gives enterprise a clear picture of metrics involved in key indicators, and make risk management oversight efficient and potent.