Cloud Computing

BNK Infotech cloud computing team is expert in Microsoft Azure platform and can provide Custom Software Development Outsourcing Services for the Microsoft Windows Azure platform. GOF Consulting has extensive experience in Microsoft .NET framework and is working on a number of projects that specifically target the Microsoft Windows Azure hosting environment including WCF Services and SQL Azure.

Microsoft Windows Azure is one of the most flexible and comprehensive Cloud-based hosting service available in the market. It is operated by Microsoft thus provide the option to leverage Microsoft’s expertise in running extremely large scale Web sites and online services. Companies can design, develop and operate their systems with least upfront investments while at the same time being able to run solutions in an infrastructure that can support large user bases and obtain almost infinite scalability.

BNK Infotech is capable of building rich SAAS applications with data and services from the Windows Azure Marketplace. Clients can sell their applications in multiple countries with support for local currencies and tax handling that is provided by Windows Azure.

BNK Infotech can also help you migrate your existing system to cloud (Microsoft Windows Azure) based on your requirement.