Custom Development

BNK believes that each business is unique and should be treated with the same uniqueness. Though a wide range of solutions is available in the market, there is always a need for solutions that are tailor-made for individual businesses.

BNK offers a wide range of custom software development services. We have hand-on experience in custom database development, desktop and distributed application design as well as various custom software components and web development.

We take all the stages of software development life cycle seriously. Our custom development process is based on evolution and we seek our clients’ participation at each stage. Our feedback standard requires us to answer any client’s question or request within 24 hours, if we are not available immediately. This also includes daily, weekly and monthly reports on the project development status.

We believe that our high quality service provides a sound basis for a successful customer relationship.

BNK’s expertise in custom development are award-winning and legendary. This is because the majority of our staff has been with us since our inception. That allows us to build off of years of experience together, and our cumulative knowledge allows for speed and quality in delivery. Thus, we have been referred to as “prototyping experts” by the World Bank and the DOD.

We develop in PHP, .NET, Perl, Python, C+, C#, C and Ruby.

We also have a division that manages embedded systems.