PM Shri

Transforming & Revitalizing Indian Education

About Us

BNK pioneers contemporary approaches to education, setting the standard in cultivating future leaders.

Our commitment lies in adopting cutting-edge educational technology, promoting innovation, and kindling a passion for learning through a diverse range of educational services.


Fusing academic learning with 21st-Century skills development across all educational levels, from Early Childhood to Higher Education To “Create Inclusive, SMAT Classrooms for a Sustainable Future”


Aligning school’s syllabus with the requirements of Industry 4.0. and foster Experiential, Holistic, and Learner-Centric Eco-system for Learners.

Core Area of Implementation


Establishing sustainable and appropriate resources, and enhancing ICT solutions to promote a green and safe environment.


Aligning content and curriculum with the National Education Policy (NEP) and fostering digital literacy.


Implementing assessments that measure progressive learning.

Teacher Training

Equipping teachers with the skills to conduct 21st-century and innovation-based classroom delivery through comprehensive training.

Life Skill

Nurturing students by providing guidance and career counselling to develop employment and entrepreneurship skills.

Our Service Models

Coding Courses (In Line with NEP & Digital Literacy)

STEM & TECH Labs (Nur-K12)

Innovation & DIY based Programs

Fostering Employment & Entrepreneurship

Fostering Gender Equity

Special Training Program

Empowering School’s Infrastructure

ICT Services

Teacher Training Program

Pre & Primary Schools Offerings

Nurturing the Roots of Growth


Teaching Learning Material

Coding Courses