10 Technologies in the post COVID-19 Era

As the Covid-19 evolves, technological applications and innovations are gearing up to stop the spread of the disease, treat patients and take the pressure off from healthcare workers. In the meantime various attempts are being made to create Vaccine using the help of technologies.

Artificial intelligence, robots and drones are being developed and deployed to track the disease and enforce preventive measures; Scientists are applying gene editing, synthetic biology and nanotechnologies to prepare and test future vaccines, treatments and diagnostics.

Block chain applications can track and manage insurance payments, and resolve the issues with medical supply chains. 3D printing and open-source technologies seem capable of sustaining the effort of governments and hospitals around the world to meet the increasing need for medical hardware (e.g. facemasks, ventilators and breathing filters) and optimize the supply of the necessary medical equipment.

At the same time, tele-medicine technologies offer an effective means to slow the spread of the virus and to maintain hospital capacity by operating as a possible filter, keeping those with moderate symptoms at home and routing more severe cases to hospitals.