Online Brand Protection Services

Are you loosing out online branding due to the lack of resources to know how you are doing over the web. Online ignorance of brand can hit you hard and is just as important as your brand offline. As per the current statistics your online brand is more important sometime than the offline branding. With the expansion of web almost anyone is able to comment on a lot (possibly thousands) of websites about your product, service or business in general.Your prospects within seconds can use search engines to find what your clients say about your company without your knowledge.

Are you ignoring the impact web can make in your online branding?

You must be thinking, enough reading – How BNK Infotech can help?

Let us be your path finder on the web based on the guidelines you set and we evolve in collaboration with each other, and in case the situation arise, we will be your representative (with your external communication policies) in the online communities spread over the web.

BNK Infotech has developed set of tools (like search engine bots) that crawls the websites of your interest and gather information and provide rankings based on comments, reviews, likes/dislikes, models and products and pricing hacks that websites provide to sell your brand, sometimes they do this in negative favor for you, and we can protect if something is wrong all at the first place.

Our online brand protection service includes:

  • Timely web searches for your brand
  • Advice on approaching the publicity over the web
  • Representation of your company to deal with any negative publicity online

For services and quote details contact us and one of the BNK Infotech representative will get in touch with you at the soonest.